Limited colour/low budget design

These print pieces were designed for limited colour, either due to budget constraints or printer constraints. Printed in either 1–2 Pantone colours on commercial offset presses, or B&W photocopied on coloured paper.

Although some pieces were created quite some time ago, I’ve included them to show what I can do with extreme limitations.

Some pieces were designed at a time when single Pantone colour printing was cheaper than full colour printing. Some print runs were too small to make commercial off-set printing economical, so were produced using a photocopier.

Paediatric titles brochure

Paediatric titles brochure with ecg readout and children's style picture part way through squigly line

Produced at a time when single Pantone colour printing was cheaper than full colour printing, and stock photography was expensive.

Multi-page, saddle-stitched booklet. Printed in a single Pantone colour. Cover only depicted.

The cover combines several elements in an original illustration: EEG traces, childlike drawing, blackboard chalk lines and duster marks. The brochure title was rendered in Comic Sans due to the subject material. One of the few times use of comic sans is justified 😉.

Infectious diseases brochure

Infectious diseases titles brochure cover with numerous small stick figures, groups of whom are faded

Infectious disease is hard concept to illustrate without resorting to cliched images of bacteria or viruses.
I illustrated the concept using pictograms of different shades to infer spread of disease between individuals and groups. The lighter shading is also clustered around the title to show the idea of a source.

Obstetrics & gynaecology titles brochure

Obstetrics & gynaecology titles brochure with single brush stroke to connote breast or pregnant belly

With no access to stock photos and wanting to have an appropriate illustration for the cover, I produced a ‘swish’ which is similar to the line of a pregnant belly or a breast.

Men's breakfast flyer

Photocopy flyer on yellow paper advertising men's breakfast

The required print run for this flyer was low (less than 300), time was short, and the in-house copier was B&W only. So I opted for a typographically oriented design in black, printed on coloured paper.
Yellow was picked for the paper to reflect the food/breakfast element, and to be eyecatching. It also shows off the black printing to good effect.
A stock vector was used for the bull, and cutlery was drawn in Illustrator.

Dermatology titles brochure

Dermatology titles brochure cover with silhouette of hair standing up on skin

Dermatology clinical photos are not usually suitable to feature on front covers. A vector silhouette was produced, and the brochure printed in a Pantone brown on tan-coloured uncoated paper.