Long document design

These are examples of long document design I have done in the past. In both these examples, data was brought in from an excel file or database, and processed with a script I wrote to generate InDesign markup, complete with anchored text boxes and any associated symbols for each title.

The documents were designed to be highly functional resources and information rich. As such they do not have a lot of imagery and colour. The intent was for the design to make information easy to find and parse.

Nursing titles catalogue

A catalogue of nursing titles available at a publisher, with forms for mail order, or coplimentary copy request if you were an educator. This document was designed in InDesign and ran to approximately 40 pages. It was printed in two Pantone colours at A4 size and saddle-stitched.

Key textbook guide

Developed as a sales tool for a publisher. The source data was from a supplied Excel spreadsheet with information on approximately 1000 titles.

The data was imported into Adobe Indesign with a script I wrote to convert the data to InDesign tagged text, including markup for custom dingbats to highlight particular titles or categorise them.

The dingbats were inserted using a custom dingbat font I also made, which meant the small illustrations or dingbats could be inserted without using anchored images. They just needed the relevant character code from the font.

The final document would run to 60–100 A4 pages. It was produced as a photocopied spiral-bound document.

The guide was published annually for several years.