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  • Procrastinator’s productivity tip #3

    Clarify You may be putting off a task or project because you’re not sure how to do it, but haven’t realised this is why you’re putting it off. First check if this is why you’re putting it off—perfectionists may similarly suffer from this as not feeling they’re competent for the task. Then clarify what the…

  • Procrastinator’s productivity tip #2

    Aim Low. Hat tip to Jordan Peterson for this one. Scale back what you are trying to achieve and negotiate with yourself about what you are willing to do. Don’t become a tyrant to yourself by expecting too much at first, and then beating yourself up because you didn’t achieve what you set out to…… Read more

  • Procrastinator’s productivity tip #1

    Get the files out. Get ready. You can trick yourself into working by opening the relevant file, or getting the materials ready for the job.… Read more